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Wið Cyrnel (Against a lump)

11th Century Text

Neogone waeran Noðþaes sweoster;
þa wurdon þa nygone to VIII
þa VIII to VII
þa VII to VI
þa VI to V
þa V to IIII
þa IIII to III
þa III to II
þa II to I
þa I to nanum
þis þe lib cyrneles > be scrofelles
weorme[s] > aeghwylces yfeles.
(Sing bendicite nygon siþum.)


Nine were North's sisters
Then changed the 9 into 8
and the 8 into 7
and the 7 into 6
and the 6 into 5
and the 5 into 4
and the 4 into 3
and the 3 into 2
and the 2 into 1
and thw 1 into none.
[Let] this [be] your remedy for a lump and for scrofula
and for worms and for every kind of harm.
(Sing the Benedicite nine times).

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