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Against a Dwarf


Against a dwarf one must take seven little wafers, like those used in worship, and write these names on each one:


Then one must sing the charm that is written below, first into the left ear, then into the right ear, then above the man's head. Then let a maiden go to him and hang it on his neck, and do so for three days; he will soon improve.

Here a spider-wight came stalking in.
He had his dress in his hand, saying you were his steed,
He laid his bonds on your neck. They started sailing from the land;
As soon as they left the land, his limbs began to cool.
Then the dwarf's sister came stalking in.
Then she made amends and swore oaths
That this must never hurt the sick,
Nor he who could gain this charm,
Nor he who could chant this charm.
Amen. Fiat.

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