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Tudor Theatre


People liked to watch plays. During Elizabeth's reign the first real theatres were built in England. At first actors travelled from town to town and performed in the streets or outside inns. Then they began to build theatres.

The Globe Theatre was built on the River Thames. It was circular and had seats around the walls which cost two pence or three pence if you had a cushion. These seats were sheltered from the weather. The rest of the people were crowded into the yard or floor. The floor or pit cost one penny. People in the pit moved about, leaned over on the stage and even talked while the play was going on. The stage was a platform that jutted out into the pit.

William ShakespeareThey did not have many props or much scenery and an actor had to walk on to stage and tell people were the story was set so that they could imagine it. Women did not act so men and boys had to play the female parts.

William Shakespeare lived during Elizabeth's reign. He is still the world's most famous writer.He wrote lots of plays which have been translated into many languages and are still performed today all over the world. His most famous plays include Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

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