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Albert's Diary - March 1917


Friday 23rd

Drafted to Upper Norwood centre.

Saturday 24th

Received no pay. Had an afternoon going to the barber's and writing letters. Had a 5 o'clock tea and was just going out to find a music hall or something, when a messenger arrived and ordered us all to our billets where we were confined all night. Several rumours are afloat but nothing definite is known.

Sunday 25th

Still confined to billets, still don't know anything definite and the papers do not enlighten us! Zeppelins raid, bombardment went on late into the night. Draft leave has all been suspended. We were refused church parade - except the Anglicans, which isn't fair. We were not however refused the cookhouse. So we must be content.

Monday 26th

Has been an awful day, both as regards weather also work. I was on fatigues at headquarters from 6 until dinner lighting copper fires and washing floors after dinners.
We were on Squad drill in the snow and rain. 9 o'clock feeling tired. We have managed to get out tonight. I have bought a lock for my kitbag, because I lost a shirt yesterday, there are some wrong 'uns here. I received a letter from Emily and also Alice.

Tuesday 27th

Parade, Squad drill. Evening - Church soldiers club. Wrote to Alice.

Wednesday 28th

Parade 6.30, 8.45, 1.45, 3.45. Evening to Sydenham YMCA club near the palace. Wrote to Dovrie.

Thursday 29th

Rose 4.00 am Cookhouse fatigues. Received letters from Mother. Wrote back to Mother and to Alice, in St John's club.

Saturday 31st

Rose 5.45. Three inches of snow - looks well but feels very cold.

April 1917

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