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Albert's Diary - April 1917


Sunday 1st

9.45 Still snowing. Church parade at All Saints Norwood. Tea at London Mission and stayed to service. Found some nice Christian people. Supper in Penny Pop's soldier's club.

Monday 2nd

Still snowing. Nothing done today.

Tuesday 3rd

Cookhouse fatigue 6am. Suddenly recalled 11am for draft to Sydenham.

Wednesday 4th

Drafted to Sydenham and transferred to Twickenham park. Was inoculated 13 times. Feeling a bit shaky.

Thursday 5th

Very cold and I am a bit feverish, feel I have a touch of flu.

Good Friday

Anglicans for church parade, also Catholics - but Non Conformists are confined to billets, which have no fires in them. Still snowing and very cold but I'm beginning to feel a lot better today. Afternoon stroll around Richmond, Kew Gardens, Chiswick Broadway and Hammersmith.

Saturday 7th

March to Isleworth to receive full kit, caught cold with changing clothes.

Sunday 8th

Did not go to church until evening. Heard Rev. Jobes Porridge late of Brunswick Hall.

Monday 9th

All Company on parade and short walk in evening.

Tuesday 10th

Cookhouse fatigue and drill.

Wednesday 11th

Drill and short walk in the evening.

Thursday 12th

Inoculated 2nd time.

Friday 13th

Nothing doing.

Saturday 14th

6am draft to Otersley Park arrived 12 noon in time for dinner. Coal yard fatigues all afternoon.

Sunday 15th

Morning church parade escorted by military band. Evening, wrote letter to Walter and Alice.

Monday 16th

Field day at garage inspecting dismantled lorries.

Tuesday 17th

The same as yesterday.

Wednesday 18th

Instruction class morning, lorry in afternoon locomobile.



Sunday 22nd

Church parade. Rest of day off duty.

Monday 23rd

All week routine work (as previous week).

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