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Albert's Diary - August 1917


Wednesday 1st

Land sighted at 2pm. Sun very powerful, good breeze blowing. 4.30 arrived in Alexandria and spent a very interesting hour or two in the town.

Thursday 2nd

Working on the camp. Dispatched cablegram home telling of safe arrival. It cost 2/3 (two shillings and thrupence) - 3d (about 1p) per word! It was 'delayed' for security reasons. Good food here.

On the docks

Working on the docks nearly every day. I am on guard here today. I got a letter here today, the first I have received in Egypt. There is plenty of enjoyment to be had in town of an evening, but we must be in by 9.30 which spoils the fun a little. I shall reply to Alice today. The food here is excellent, but everything but fruit is dear.

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