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Albert's Diary - September 1917


Monday 3rd

Handing in to QM stores - 1 pair of service boots. On guard.

Tuesday 4th

Left Alexandria at Gar Barry Station for Kantara. Goods wagon very crowded. Rifle no. 66226.

Saturday 8th

Trip on Caterpillar to seaside for wagons.

Sunday 9th

Fetching water about 4 miles - stationed at Sheihk Nuran.

Monday 10th

Journey to fetch stores of rations. Health very good, considering sand storms and shortage of water.

Tuesday 11th

Cleaning machines. Three of us washed ourselves and washed our clothes on half a gallon of water!

Wednesday 12th

Journeyed about eight miles to remove guns and stores for aircraft section. Returned dinner time.

Thursday 13th

Deadbeat. Did a little washing and had a rest.

Friday 14th

Early morning trip for water. 1.30 fetching rations. Note: the air camp which we'd cleaned up on Wed and Thurs morning was shelled by the enemy on Friday - whilst we were there. One gun was trying to strafe a Taube (a German monoplane) for observing. The percussion nearly lifted us off our feet.

Saturday 15th

Pay Day! 100 piastres.

Sunday 16th

Canteen, got in a few stores. In the afternoon, journey to battery with rations.

Monday 17th

Went to battery with full regalia for G.O.C. Inspection. We had an awful time.

Tuesday 18th

Overhauling machine - they needed it!

Wednesday 19th

Removed our camp about 5 miles S.E. from Sheikh Neuran to Shellal.

Thursday 20th

Went to fresh water dump for supplies.

Friday 21st

Acting as guide to water dump.

Saturday 22nd

Proceed to battery, load up shells for G.O.C. Inspection.

Sunday 30th

In camp all day. Reveille roll-call 5.30. Company Inspection rifles & bayonet, clean service dress 9.30, Inspection of machines 10.30. Dinner 3 o'clock. Tea 18 o'clock. Our clock has 24 hours to the day! I was inoculated against cholera last Thursday. Nothing of great import has occurred during the week.

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