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Albert's Diary - October 1917


Tuesday 23rd

I have just received a letter from the Dicken's Fellowship per Miss S. Watson enclosing a syllabus and a copy of a song Michael O'Leary all of which I find very interesting. I also learn that my dear friend and advisor Mr J. Townsley, was laid to rest on Oct 5th last. This letter is the only one I have had from Hull for three weeks, don't know what my regular corespondents are doing at all. I had one from Oxley last week. My work here is about the same as usual but expect a violent change shortly. . . See later editions!

Tuesday 23rd

Later on received letters from Alice and Emily.

Wednesday 24th

On Guard. Football match with 963 coy/378 Battery called off.

Thursday 25th

Two more letters have come from Alice and Emily.

Friday 26th

Left Shellal on the long, long trail. At 4pm camped down for the night in the Waddy. Next day left about midday and eventually arrived at a place known as Kalm Wells on Khahm gardens. Here we remained for two days during which time we took the guns into action in different emplacements so as to bluff the enemy. From here we blew up a bridge over which 'Johnny' used to bring all his supplies. This occurred on the last Sunday in October.

Tuesday 30th(?)

Again saw us on the march, I understand that an advance on a five mile front is timed for tonight. We are not far from the enemy now as the Infantry are going over the hill in open formation and we are driving around the foot of it. There was no sleep last night. On Wed morning one of our planes had an accident just over the hill killing the airman and destroying the machine. The official name for this place is El Bugger - and a very appropriate one too. After this we had a different position nearly every day.

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