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Albert's Diary - November 1917


Saturday 3rd

Our sister coy, 964 entered Bees Sheba - they were the first M.T. coy to enter and were taken by cinematograph. My machine also went there on Sunday 4th but with another crew aboard - as we we taking a much needed rest near Halm Wells. From here we moved to El Gig and thence to a place named Schexia. We arrived at 3.30am and a terrific battle was raging which lasted until about 8am when our 6 inch took up the chorus and peppered them until dinner time.

Saturday 10th

The camp still remains here under a moments notice to quit at any time. This practice of keeping men in the uncertainty of what to do next is very bad, as a man cannot begin anything without expecting to be interrupted before he is finished. This kind of thing accounts for many unwritten letters! We have news through that the enemy has been chased about 20 miles, and so our work may be over for the time being. We may strike a rest camp any time now, I hope so we need it - whether we deserve it or not. We have two Turkish guns in camp.

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