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Corporal Lawrence Hardy


Corporal Lawrence Hardy of the Munster Fusiliers enlisted in September 1914 and served ten months in Ireland before being drafted to the Dardanelle Region. He and his Regiment were at the Sulva Bay landings then, after seeing much action, he was drafted again to Salonkia, his Regiment being in the very first fighting there.

After recovering from a bout of trench foot, he was sent to Alexandria, Malta and then back to Salonkia where he was struck down with Malaria Fever. Volunteering for Palestine after his recovery, he was with General Allenby in the great advance on Jaffa, Jerusalem and Nazareth. The following letter was written to his father three years later. He had had no leave in that whole time.

My Dear Dad,

After coming back from my holidays in Jerusalem and having had a glorious time for week, I have a lot of interesting news to tell you.

The second day I was there I had guides to take me in all the Holy places. The first place visited was Jaffa Gate, from there I went to David's Gate. From there I went to Armrojan Church, where Jesus Christ was cursed; from there to the church which the Kaiser built nineteen years ago. I went to the 'Upper Room' where our Lord had his last supper. From there I went to look at David's Tomb, the Old Jewish quarter, the Siloam Village and the Well of David and Solomon's Temple, which was built 1500 years ago. From there I visited the Mount of Olives, Daunge Gate, Solomons Stables which hold thirty(?) horses; the road where David ran away from Jerusalem weeping; the Golden Gates which our Lord opened when he first came from Hearon; St Stephen's Gate; the Pool of Bethesda; thence on the road where our Lord carried the Cross. I went to the place where Christ was crucified; also the Mount of Olives and other places of interest which I will mention in my letters later to you.

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