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Propaganda Posters - WWI


Enlistment Poster - 'An Appeal To You' Enlistment Poster - Every Fit Briton Should Join Our Brave Men At The Front Enlistment Poster - Britishers, Enlist Today Enlistment Poster - Be Ready! Join Now
Clearly, the most important message was that of recruitment. As well as the ever-familiar 'Your Country Needs You' there were many other designs posted around the streets of Hull in an attempt to encourage our boys to join-up.

Enlistment Poster - Are You In League With The Kaiser? Enlistment Poster - Join The Army And Help To Stop An Air Raid Enlistment Poster - Daddy, What Did You Do In The Great War? Enlistment Poster - Women Of Britain say "GO"
Many different tactics were used to encourage the men of Hull to join the ranks, included amongst them where the above selection, including the thought-provoking 'Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War' Feeling guilty yet?

War Bonds Poster - Write A Cheque Today War Bonds Poster - Bomb Them With War Bonds War Bonds Poster - Buy War Savings Certificates

You didn't have to fight to help the war effort. A huge number of posters attempted to obtain your cash in order to fund the Great War.

Posters such as those alongside appeared in all of the banks and post offices of the city.

How many people still hold un cashed War Bonds is unknown.

National Service Poster - The Greatest Mother In The World National Service Poster - Women's Land Army National Service Poster - Red Cross Or Iron Cross Poster - Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps
Poster - Save Coal Poster - The Hun And The Home Poster - The Key To The Situation Poster - Preserve Perishable Produce
Every was appealed to to assist in the war effort in whatever way they could. For those left at home, women in particular, numerous posters were displayed showing ways how they too could help with the war effort.

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