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Hull Trawler Losses - 1917

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Date Lost Vessel Port No Launched
Event and Location
02 Jan Teal H90 1897 Wrecked, nr. Buckie, Scotland
07 Feb Shakespeare H994 1908 Submarine, North Sea
10 Feb Ireland H351 1897 Submarine, North Sea, nr. Aberdeen
17 Feb Hawk H238 1897 Submarine, Mediterranian, nr. Malta
19 Feb Halycon H408 1898 Mined, Atlantic, Butt of Lewis, Hebradies
22 Feb Evadne H945 1907 Mined, English Channel, off Owers, Sussex
01 Mar Redcap H962 1907 Submarine: gunfire, North Sea, off Longstone
30 Mar Christopher H207 1911 Mined, North Sea, off Southwold, Suffolk
?? Apr Expediant H219 1893 Submarine, North Sea
?? Apr Industria H14 1887 Submarine, North Sea
04 Apr Gibralter H1000 1908 Submarine: bomb placed on board, North Sea, nr. Peterhead
12 Apr Caliban H313 1911 Submarine: gunfire, North Sea, nr. Rattray, Peterhead
12 Apr Equerry H36 1899 Submarine: gunfire, North Sea, Kinnaird Head, Fraserborough
14 Apr Martin II H178 1897 Collision
20 Apr Erith H457 1899 Submarine: bomb placed on board, North Sea, nr. Aberdeen
04 May Lord Sailsbury H323 1911 Mined, Mediterranian, off Eros Island, Greece
09 May Windward Ho H692 1902 Mined, North Sea, nr. Peterhead, Scotland
18 May Lucknow H739 1903 Mined, English Channel, off Portsmouth
22 May Epworth H386 1911 Collision, North Sea
15 Jun Towhee H987 1908 Sank on escourt duty, English Channel
17 Jun Fraser H951 1917 Mined, English Channel, off Boulogne, France
07 Jul Kelvin H? 1915 Mined, North Sea, off Harwich, Essex
05 Aug Bovic H51 1896 Collision, North Sea, off Souter Point, Durham
11 Aug Jay H278 1897 Submarine, North Sea, off Southwall, Suffolk
12 Sep Asia H829 1905 Mined, North Sea, off Bressay Islands, Shetlands
17 Oct Ruby H494 1916 Submarine, Atlantic, off Ushant Island, France
20 Oct Thomas Stratten H116 1914 Mined, Atlantic, off Bude, Hebridies
12 Dec Cmdr Fullerton H286 1915 Destroyer, North Sea
12 Dec Livingstone H496 1900 Destroyer, North Sea
12 Dec Tokio H954 1907 Destroyer, North Sea
17 Dec Duster H267 1911 Wrecked, Scratten Cove, Portreath, Cornwall

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