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Hull Trawler Losses 1918

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Date Lost Vessel Port No Launched
Event and Location
14 Jan Miranda H875 1906 Wrecked, Pelwich Bay
28 Feb Nerissa II H879 1906 Wrecked, Valanhidi Shoal, Limnos, Greece
14 Mar Agate H2 1913 Mined, English Channel, off Royal Sovereign, Sussex
16 Mar Vulture II H470 1899 Collision: Eriboll wreck, Scotland
29 Mar Swallow H97 1897 Collision, North Sea, off Whitby, Yorkshire
28 Apr Emley H384 1911 Mined, North Sea, off MAy ISland, Scotland
?? May Eastward H1324 1882 Lost
13 May Balfour H432 1912 Collision, English Channel, off Royal Sovereign, Sussex
01 Jun Egret H21 1899 Torpedoed without warning, North Sea, off R.Humber
03 Jun St Johns H81 1910 Submarine, Atlantic, off Tory Island, Donegall, Ireland
08 Jun Eros H768 1903 Mined, North Sea
15 Jul Speedwell II H481 1899 Wrecked, Mounts Bay, nr. Penzance
30 Sep Sea Lark II H407 1898 Collision, Irish Sea, off St John's Point, Co.Down Ireland
27 Oct Neptunian H626 1912 Collision, North Sea, off Altacarry, Rathlin Island
16 Nov Joseph & Susannah H748 1867 Sank, North Sea, off Bridlington, Yorkshire

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