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The Hull Zeppelin Raids


There were at least twelve occasions when bombs fell onto the city, but air-raid warnings were much more frequent as many Zeppelins traveled through the area on their way to inland targets.

Zeppelin raids frequently failed to reach their intended targets.   The L.9 made landfall at Aldborough on 9th August 1915 and through navigational errors dropped its bombs, intended for Hull, on Goole.

No Zeppelins were ever shot down over Hull although many graphic eyewitness accounts exist.  All refer to a single post-war accident when tens of thousands witnessed the R.38 explosion over the Humber in 1921. 

The Wind Saves London
16th June 1915

But Hull Pays The Price
16th June 1915

 No Defence
5th March 1916

On The Ground
5th March 1916

Nine Raiders
25th September 1917

Final Attack
10th March 1918

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