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Schedule of Air Raids - Summary

Coloured cells in the casulaty lists link to the know victims of each raid.  

Summary of Bombing Raids on Kingston Upon Hull

The tables of bombings on linked to from this page include only those within the City boundaries. There were several raids in which incidents occurred in the immediate vicinity of the city. Plane crashes are not included.

Hull's first air-raid warning was at 02:45 on Monday 4th September. As an 'air-raid yellow' all operational crews were called to their posts. The public siren sounded at 03:20 and the all-clear sounded at 04:08. No raid occurred.

Number of raids (in which incendiaries and high explosives were dropped):
Total number of people killed, as far as is known:
Injured and received treatment:
Total damage incidents: 146,568
Houses damaged: (leaving only 5,945 undamaged)
People rendered temporarily homeless and provided for:
Number of alerts:
Hours under alerts (more than):
250 domestic and 120 communal shelters were destroyed, from which more than 800 people were rescued alive.

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