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Bombs on Beverley


Beverley Methodist Chapel The town of Beverley was largely untouched by bombing raids during World War Two. However, on Bank Holiday Monday August 3rd 1942 Beverley's most serious air raid of the war took place.

A single German plane dropped four 500kg high explosive bombs on the Flemingate area of the town. The first bomb damaged Hodgson's Tannery (more recently the site of the Museum of Army Transport) while the second exploded in Flemingate destroying 4 Brentwood Villas. This bomb killed one of the occupants, Mrs Francis Snowden, and Lieutenant Stanley Lawrence who was cycling past at the time of the explosion. Bomb number three ricocheted from the Tannery yard and detonated behind Flemingate Methodist Chapel (see photograph). It wrecked a medical rest centre and warden's post housed at the rear of the chapel, damaging cottages in nearby Sparkmill Terrace. The explosion also killed Mr Charles Cross, an off-duty air raid warden, who was outside feeding his rabbits at the time.

The fifteen or so other casualties were quickly ferried to the Beverley Base Hospital for treatment while workmen from Hull and Beverley sought to clear Flemingate of rubble and make-safe the blast damaged property.

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