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Herbert Heinemann


The wartime memories of Herbeit Heinemann


April 19451 [ I ] was taken prisoner in Holland. Not until I put my first step on English ground [had] I felt relief at the very close shave out of the hell [that is war]. All I had saved [of my own possessions] was a dirty handkerchief and two or three photos and not to forget my own life. Life in camp at the very first time was very hard, remembering Camp 163 Butterwick, but step by step the conditions grew better and better. Smelling the fresh air of Democracy in your country, contacting people and [seeing] their way of life I more and more felt my life being worthwhile again; not to forget the way of support by British people .


Too bad all my efforts failed getting photos or paper cuttings of Camp 163 Butterwick and Camp 108 Hartforth Grange nr Gilling West to my regret I contacted the various sources:

National Army Museum, London
Minstry of Defence, London
Imperial War Museum, London
Public Record Office, Kew, Richmond
North Yorkshire Record Office
East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Beverley
Library & Information Service, Beverley

  • Ministry of Defence London
  • Imperial War Museum London
  • Public Record Office, Kew. Richmond
  • North Yorkshire Record Office County Records Office
  • Northallerton
  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Beverley
  • Library and Information Service. Beverley

They all were very sorry being unable to be of greater assistance.

Northern Echo, Darlington
Stockton Times, Darlington

  • Stockton Times, Darlington

They did not reply.

Shortly I made acquaintance with;

Mrs. Barbara Ashwin

I will not forget to let you know I still remember a lot of evergreens such as;

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Just Kiss Me Once And Kiss Me Twice
Cruising Down The River
There’s A Tree In The Meadow
There’s Nothing Left For Me
Hear My Song, Violetta
I Love You For Sentimental Reasons

I still remember I went to the pictures to see;

Odd Man Out (I have this one on video tape)
The Razor’s Edge ( USA 1946) tape not to get

and at least the actors;

James Mason
Stuart Granger


made an impression on me.

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