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Herbert Heinemann


The wartime memories of Herbeit Heinemann

The following is a copy of a letter sent by Herman to his parents in Germany, translated from German and re-typed by Herman.

My dear parents!

the great war has come to it’s end and I survived by godness help. As you can see I am in English captivity in England. Don’t you worry about me, I am all right and I have got it made. I just wish nothing seriously happened at home and you all stayed alive. An English paper let me know you are under English or American occupying power. In this case you are ok. Our field of work at present are farms. By the way there are two comrades around me, they are at home in ESCHWEGE and WATTENBACH. One is called Christ Neuschafer 20 years of age. How are the others like HERBERT and FRITZ ?? Are both alive?? How is Willi Sack and all the others? The last letter from you I received in Weimar-Nohra. I am hopeful to be among you soon, maybe Christmas.

Thousand greeting to all of you, Yours Herbert.

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